• July 18, 2018
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    Updated: Jul. 17 (22:03)

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      Local President's Message

      Welcome to the AFGE Local 3937 Website! We are in interesting times due to the Executive Orders signed by President Trump in May, that took effect throughout Social Security on July 9th 2018. You may notice that your work emails, calls or IMs to your local rep or Executive Board are not going through - we are not ignoring you by choice, but because the Administration has prohibited us from using SSA-provided computers, emails, phones/voicemail, office space, cabinets etc while we are on-site and on duty time. The Union hours that we can access to represent you at work have been drastically cut and the reasons we may request this type of time are few.   

      We still represent you, and the Contract provisions are still in effect. Following are the ways you can reach us for help and guidance. Please be sure to detail your issue or question, and give us a *personal* email and phone number, since we will not be able to contact you at work. Your Local will monitor and respond to your emails and calls on our personal time on lunch break and evenings, to ensure that you are heard.


      Website: www.afgelocal3937.org

      Email: afgelocal3937@gmail.com

      Cell: (206) 519-7630 (calls screened and returned within 1-2 days)

      If you are not a member, now is the time to join. If you ARE a member, log in or register at the left, so that you can learn more about how to handle some things on your own if we cannot be there with you immediately: access How-To guides for filing grievances, tips on handling an investigatory or disciplinary meeting, and a searchable link to your Contract.

      Local Business Meeting

      To All Members:

      AFGE Local 3937 will notify members of the time and place of the next scheduled Local Business Meeting. 

      When: TBA

      Where: TBA

      When meetings are held at the ATSC, remember that It is a secure building so remember to have your PIV card and check in with the guard at the front entrance, then come on through to our conference room.

      What: All AFGE members are encouraged to attend and participate our meetings, and to bring any topics to the floor for discussion with your Local officers.

      We look forward to seeing you there!

      Several Local officers are in attendance at the annual AFGE Council 220 meeting

      Swearing in of Council 220 Officers and RVPs

      Local Secretary Laura Novakoski, with Seattle Regional Commissioner Stanley Friendship, and Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin

      First Day of the National AFGE 2015 Convention

      First Day of the Constitution Resolution Workshop

      Bryan Sluder,far left VA, Colin Barrett, VA, and Richard Couture, Hearing Office SSA

      Top members listening to to the recommended amendments made by Witold Skwierczynski middle right. Bottom left Sari Plumb and Shannon Gutierrez w/SSA

      Nina Turner at Women's Breakfast giving a motivational speech

      "Titles are good, but purpose is better!"
      WA Community Action Network
      Feds Fed Up Rally 2013
      Largest Federal Union Says Government Shutdown is Result of Failed Leadership

      WASHINGTON – In response to the federal government running out of funds to continue operations past midnight Friday, American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. issued the following statement: “Congress and the administration have only themselves to blame for failing to keep the federal government open.

      CFC - An Opportunity to Give Back

      To designate FEEA this year: CFC#11185 ‘Tis the season for giving! The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is well underway and provides an opportunity for federal employees to donate to charities of their choice. The campaign was established more than 50 years ago and runs until Dec. 15, 2016.

      Want to be Happy? Join a Union.

      Fewer and fewer Americans belong to a union. Membership is down to a historic low of 11.2 percent of the work force, and only 6.7 percent of workers in the private sector. And if the nation’s confidence in the institution is any measure, not many people are mourning its diminishment. According to a Gallup poll, organized labor inspires less confidence than banks.

      Hard Choices on Social Security: Survey Finds Most Americans Would Pay More to Fix Its Finances and Improve Benefits

      PRESS RELEASE: Hard Choices on Social Security: Survey Finds Most Americans Would Pay More to Fix Its Finances and Improve Benefits Large majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents agree For Immediate Release: October 23, 2014 Contact: Jill Braunstein at (202) 452-8097 WASHINGTON, D.C.

      Should ‘essential’ federal employees receive additional shutdown pay?

      The U.S. government violated federal labor law by failing to provide on-time pay for the legions of federal employees who worked during last year’s 16-day shutdown, a judge ruled this week. The decision, by the chief judge of the U.S.

      Reasonable Accomodation

      Ergonomic Chairs

      Special chairs can be ordered through the Regional Office if you need one because of medical issues. If you require one as a result of a medical condition the request is supported by a physician's statement on a "Request for Special Needs" form. Special Needs ergonomic chairs are usually related to your stature. If you weigh in excess of 300 lbs. or are over 6 feet tall, or are under 4'11" or weigh less than 100 lbs. you do not need a physician statement.

      Ask your manager for the special needs form. Once the form is received, the manager should fill out an SSA 393 and send it to Regional Office. They should then send it to Baltimore. If no appropriate chair is available from the Division of Furniture Support (DFS) you can contact the Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity (OCREO) and file a request for reasonable accomodation. 

      By: Tim Roark

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      DISCLAIMER: This is not a Government Hosted Website and portions of the website cannot be viewed on a Government Computer System, or during working hours, such as, but not limited to, the Political Links. AFGE does not promote illegal use of Government Computer Systems. Be aware of what you are viewing during work hours.

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