• February 26, 2024
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  • Sept 2022
    Jan 09, 2023

     AFGE, Local 3937 - Local Business Meeting

    September 14, 2022

    Conference Call

    Present were: John Pfannenstein, Jackie Walton, Steffen Pleiness, Shanna Brumley, Jeff Shane, Tonya Boren, Janice.

    The meeting was held via Zoom conference call with dial-in information posted to the Members section of our Local website.

    The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm, chaired by John Pfannenstein, Local President.


    • Treasurer’s Report:
    • Old Business
    • New Business
    • Reports
    • Minutes review

    Treasurer’s Report:

    We currently have $58,212 in checking, and $177,173 in savings. No other treasurer news.

    Old Business:


    New Business:


    The agreement between AFGE & SSA regarding telework will expire 09/30/2022.  Acting Commissioner Kijakazi has said that we will continue teleworking until at least 03/31/2023 but some aspects may change.  AFGE & SSA discussed extending the trial period.  SSA asked that AFGE hold their grievances in abeyance while discussing the future of telework.  Those talks began early this month or perhaps a bit earlier and the negotiations seemed to be going well.  The Agency was interested in a multiyear study period to gauge telework (work from home, or WFH) expansion, including 1 additional WFH day per week for each component and requiring Management to give employees a minimum 1 week advance notice before calling them in on a day they were supposed to be WFH (as opposed to the current situation where it can be less than 24 hours notice).  At the last minute, SSA refused and said that they would only extend the trial period 6 months and AFGE would have to drop dozens of pending litigation cases.  AFGE did not agree to this as it would have been a bad bargain for employees. Employees who have TCAs (Temporary Compassionate Allowances, for employees who have a family member in their household that is high risk and so are still working from home) or those who are WFH on an interim basis while waiting for a decision on their RAs (Reasonable Accommodations that allow employees to work from home because of their own health issues) will probably be called back into the office at the beginning of October.

    SSA has decided to make social distancing optional for members of the public who come to our offices (it is still mandatory for employees).  The lobby has become much fuller, with longer wait times and crowds.  The Agency claimed that this is a de minimus change & they therefore do not need to bargain.  AFGE has filed a ULP (Unfair Labor Practice).  We are still pushing strongly for the continuation of 6' distancing between employees.

    Election Committee -

    3 people have volunteered to run the election committee for Local delegates and positions on the Local Executive Board for the next 3-year term: Tonya Boren, Don Schaefer & Ben Konrady. Jeff made a motion to appoint the 3 people listed above to the committee.  Steffen seconded.  The motion passed.


    One of the FOs was still requiring telework activity logs from employees, even though the Agency had decided that said logs would no longer be required.  John spoke with management at this location, and they have now stopped that practice.

    The ATSC has been given notice that a new location has been found for them to move to.  It's at the Federal Way mall, and not many details are available.  One of the major concerns is that the daycare center that is co-located with the TSC will not be moving along with them.  The address is 1701 S Commons, Federal Way WA 98003.

    Minutes Review:

    Jeff made a motion to accept the minutes as written and read; Shanna seconded. Motion passed.

    You can stay informed about topics like these and much more by going to www.afge.org to sign up for Action Alerts to be sent via text or email so that you are informed of current legislative and political events – please do so on your personal computer or phone, not on duty time or on Agency equipment.

    Jackie made a motion to adjourn. Jeff seconded. Motion passed.

    Minutes written and submitted by Jackie Walton, Treasurer

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